What's a Hobson's choice?



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What's this website about?

ShawnShawn Hobson has been a sports journalist writing, editing and paginating for various newspapers for more than a decade, but he's come to a crossroads in his life. ... He was given a Hobson's choice.

Newspapers throughout the country have been cutting back. The world is changing, and technology cannot be denied. Print media and most specifically, NEWSPAPERS are losing circulation. People are not getting their news from newsprint like they used to. The internet is the main source of information nowadays.

Hobson returned to college to study web design.

Web design was not part of the college curriculum when Hobson earned a bachelor's degree from UC Riverside in the late '80s.

Hobson feels he needs to learn more about the World Wide Web if he wants to remain an effective communicator.

This site is the final project for Media Arts and Technology course number 165, taught by Karl Cleveland at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, Calif.

Definition of Hobson's choice

Webster's New World College Dictionary (Fourth Edition)

Hobson's choice [[after T. Hobson(1544?-1631), of Cambridge, England, who owned livery stables and let horses in strict order according to their position near the door]] a choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all; lack of an alternative.

The Oxford Dictionary

n. a choice of taking the thing offered or nothing.

The website is for sports

Shawn used to write a column called Hobson's Choice while he was sports editor of the Desert Dispatch in Barstow, Calif. Barstow

That's where the idea for the name of this website originated. Shawn claims this is the only place for local sports news, and if he said it, then it's a literal Hobson's choice. ... Enjoy the website.


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Advertisements on this website are fictional. Do NOT take seriously.


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